Terms and conditions

Reservation Conditions
To get more information or to ask specific questions, you should fill in the required blanks on the apartment form you are interesting in.

You may start your reservation request through the reservation application form or by phone or by e-mail. To process your request, we need you to contact us no later than 2 working days prior to your check-in date.

Our commitment is to contact you within the next 2/3 business days to supply relevant information and to confirm availability as well as prices.

Bookings are finalized by a payment of 20% of the rental cost, plus Administration Fee.

Administration Fee for rentals is USD 40.- and for Premium apartments rental is USD 50,-

The weekly rate for apartments is a fixed flat rate for all stays within a one week period. All reservations made for a time period shorter then 7 days will carry the rate of a full week.

Regular check-in time is 1PM and check-out time is 10AM. In the case of there being no other reservations for those dates, both check-in/out times are flexible.

Check-in & check-out time is from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. Before or after this time period, including weekends, we will charge USD 15.- extra. This fee does NOT go to our firm. It goes to the person making the outside of normal hours check-in/out.

The window of time allotted to the receive the apartment, from the scheduled check in date, is 2 days. After that time, the booking will be automatically cancelled.

For safety reasons the full addresses of the apartments do not appear on our website. What does appear is the name of the street, the number of the block and the cross streets. Once the reservation has been confirmed, the client will receive the full address by email.

Stay In Buenos Aires is an agency that participates as a neutral mediator between client and apartment owner. We strive to find the most suitable apartment for the interested client, as well as provide all means of communication necessary to maintain a working, positive relationship between both the owner and the client. Should a problem arise between both parties outside of this realm of service, our responsibility extends as far as needed to maintain an open level of communication. We will always uphold our duty as a mediator in any situation, but ultimately any issues that develop between the client and the owner after a contract has been signed, are exactly that- between the client and the owner alone. We do not accept responsibility for the personal behaviors of either the client or the owner, nor can we be held responsible for unresolved issues that fall outside of the aformentioned services provided by this agency.

By contracting our services the client agrees to all listed terms and conditions.

Means of Payment
Payment of booking and Admin Fee can be done through PayPal (only in Euros), bank transfer to our Dutch account (only in Euros too) or Western Union (all currencies).

Payment of rent, as well as the damage deposit, can be made in cash, in US Dollars, in Euros and/or Argentinean Pesos (AR$). Another option of rental payment is via PayPal (only in euros and with at least a week’s anticipation)

All payments must be made at the time you check in. Without a complete payment we cannot rightfully give you the keys to the apartment. We remind you that we do not own any of the apartments- we are a third party negotiator between client and owner. The owner will be on the property during check in expecting the payment in full.

The tenant shall make a damage deposit, the amount of which varies in relationship to the duration of his stay and category of apartment reserved. This shall be paid in cash. In all cases, the deposit shall be reimbursed once the stay has finished. If there are damages, the tenant shall pay them in accordance with the cost set forth in the inventory.

Stay in Buenos Aires commits to providing the promised service quality and excellence. For such purposes, 365 days of the year, regardless of day or time, a Staff member will welcome you on arrival, assist you during your stay and see you off when you depart.

Check-in & check-out time is between 9 AM and 5 PM from Monday to Friday. Before or after this time period, including weekends, we will charge U$D 15.- extra. This fee does NOT go to our firm. It goes to the person making the outside of normal hours check-in/out.

Upon the guest’s arrival, at the time previously agreed on by both parties, an Stay in Buenos Aires representative and the apartment’s owner will welcome you in the rented property, where they will then show you how the facilities are used. At that time, the rent contract and attached account of inventory will be signed, followed by your payment of the remaining rental amount plus the corresponding guarantee deposit. The guest will then be given the keys to the apartment and, with our staff member, make an agreement regarding the time you will be leaving the apartment (check-out).

At the time of the apartment’s check-out, the guest will returns the property’s keys and will receive his guarantee deposit back, after checking the corresponding inventory and the apartment’s general state.

If the guest finds any kind of inconvenience or fault in the facilities’ functioning, he should inform Stay in Buenos Aires as soon as possible. The company will do its best to solve the problem.

Unless otherwise noted, the rent includes all of the property’s services and taxes. (The Property’s Common Expenses, Taxes, Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Internet Connection, Water and Cable TV Bills).

Stay in Buenos Airesis in charge of all the reservation procedures for a specified property for the period stated by the guest. Should there be an unforeseen event in the property prior to your arrival, by which making your stay there impossible, Stay in Buenos Aires proposes relocating you to another apartment of similar characteristics and amenities, available at the time of your arrival.

Please do not send in a payment without first emailing and verifying the property is available. No payment should be made without consulting our reservation department.

Cancellation Policy
If the guest needs to cancel the reservation, the money paid is not refundable, unless cancellation was made 30 days prior, in which case 80% of the amount paid for the reservation, minus the costs associated with sending of the money, will be refunded.

If for some reason the reservation is cancelled by the owner of the apartment after a deposit payment has been made,, Stay in Buenos Aires will relocate the client (with permission) to a similar property, and if a suitable alternative cannot be found, the client will be refunded the deposit and any other previously made payment in full.

Once the contract has been signed by both owner and client and a rental payment has been made, a refund will not be granted. If the guest wants to shorten his stay, a payment for the remaining time not spent on the property cannot be refunded as it is considered to be a compensation for the owner on account of contract breach.

Stay Extension
Temporary rent contracts cannot be extended. They have a commencement and an expiration date, therefore, should the guest want to extend his stay in the rented property, he shall inform Stay in Buenos Aires immediately to make sure that this is not reserved by another guest.

Said extension implies signing a new contract for the new agreed on period. It is subject to availability and variations in the price.