City Tours

Bike Tours

Bike tours around the city.The idea is getting to know the city in a different way, learning about Buenos Aires history, its origins, buildings and monuments and the unmatched “porteño” activity with two English speaking tourist guides.
The tour lasts 2-4 hrs and do not demmand much physical effort. We provide helmets, locks and beverages in all the circuits, as well as insurance and medical aid if necessary.

Helmets, locks, medical aid and beverages in all the tours


Buenos Aires to the south
AR$ 55-
3 hs
Buenos Aires to the north
AR$ 55-
3 ½ hs
Buenos Aires and the river
AR$ 55-
3 ½ hs
Costanera & Reserva Ecológica
AR$ 30-
2 hs


Night Tours

The best Bars and Discos in town. We offer you a V.I.P. treatment in charge of the best Public Relations, in order to bring you a unique experience. Feel the real “night porteña” in a tour created by and for young people. Join the ride, give us a night of your life.


We offer you the chance to experience a unique night. The best bars in town, best discos, everything supervised by the most exclusives Public Relations of Buenos Aires in order to give you all the comforts

Every Friday & Saturday from 11 PM to 7 AM, we make you feel the real “porteña night “:

:: 11 PM Pick up from the Hostel- Hotel (we pick you up in a mini-bus)

:: 11:45 PM Arrive to “Jet”, the Best Night Bar in town. One drink included.

:: 2:45 AM Arrive to “Mint”, one of the most exclusives discotheques of Buenos Aires. Ticket, VIP access and one drink are included.

:: 6:30-7 AM We take you back to the Hostel-Hotel. Mini Breakfast and special gifts are included.

Price: U$D 30.- or AR$ 90.- per person