Out of Buenos Aires

TigreOn the southern bank of the Rio Luján, some 30 kilometers (19 miles) from downtown is BA´s most popular and accesible day-tryp detination: Tigre.. Appealing to both locals and foreigners alike, its haughty colonial edifices and bloody sunsets give Tigre a somewhat exotic reputation; it´s easy to forget that this is as much a working town as a spot for recreation and relaxation.
The town itself retains the charm of a wel-kept colonial port, having flourished at the end of the 19th century when BA´s high society used it as a summer playground, hosting extravagant galas and balls.
Getting there:
By Bus: The colectivo No. 60 from BA takes between 1hr 15 mins and 1hr 45mins, depending on traffic.
By Train: Tigre is a 50min train ride from Retiro. Trains run every 15mins from 4am-1:30am.

San Antonio de Areco
arecoWith its cobblestone streets of one-storey, century-old buildings surrounded by seemingly limitless expanses of flat, grassy plains, the sleepy town of San Antonio de Areco looks like it could be straight out of the movies.
Apopular weekend destination with few traffic lights or signs of urban blight, the town dates from a chapel built in 1728 in honour of San Antonio de Padua, on the estate of an early settler, Jose Ruiz de Arellano. Now called Iglesia Parroquial, the chapel was converted into a parish in 1730, and the town and its tropical-looking central plaza mushhroomed around it.
Tourist information
Direccion de Turismo de la Municipalidad: Boulevard Zervoni, y Arellano.

EstanciaIn the 19th century, European immigrants flocked to Argentina to take advantage of the vast, fertile, untapped territory, building estancias throught the countryside. Many ranches have been in the same family for generations and still raise cattle and crops. But in the past decade, more and more of these homes have been opened to the public as agro industry replaced the family farm, and owners faced the choise of shuttering large homes that were too expensive to run, or opening them as upmarket B&Bs.
Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, several estancias are located near San Antonio, but almost all estancias are within 125 kilometers (78 miles) of BA.Choose from a one-day Día de Campo package -which usually includes an all-you-can-eat asado (traditional barbecue), horse riding and a folk music or gaucho show- or a weekend or longer stay.